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In order to provide our customers with constand quality, Martin Braas and
Ed van der Lee started 1 january 2003
a coöperation to produce their tulips together.

Currently B&L Tulips grows 12 hectare of tulip bulbs. All the bulbs are used to grow tulips in our own greenhous. During the whole year, B&L is run by Martin, Ed en Jolanda, fulltime employees and students to provide the market with 10 milion tulips.
Together we take care from the way from bulb to tulip with quality as a key aspect....

Martin Braas

Martin Braas started with bulbs when he was fifteen years old and had his own bulbs. In 2001 took the chance to grow his first tulips in a greenhouse where he rented some space. In the years before he watched and learned from other tulips farmers. His aims were to deliver a high quality product in a constant fashion to the auction, in order to establish a solid market position. His effords yielded him the title of 'the most promising tulips supplier of 2001', an award by the auction Flora Holland for young and new suppliers, selected because of their constant production volume and outstanding quality.

Firma Jn. van der Lee & Zn.

A retrovision to the history of van der Lee, which began in 1954. Jan van der Lee started in Avenhorn with the shovel and some old crates, a boat and a 70 RR licence for flowerbulbs, as compensation for his 3 year stay in Indonesia. It was a tim of smallscaled rich agriculture when Jan van der Lee started with growing union-likes, potatoes, carrots, beans, decorative flowers, fruits and a small corner of tulips. After three years van der Lee moved to De Goorn.
In 1967/1968 the first tulips were grown under artificial light in search for better ways for an income. The rearrangement of the Ursemmer polder (1972/1973) was the beginning of a new era. 
In 1985 van der Lee moved to a new and modern location in Ursem. There we specialized further in growing bulbs and tulips. New development made it possible to preparate bulbs so we can grow tulips during the whole year. In 1997 Jan van der Lee stept back from the firm which after that moment excisted of his son Ed van der Lee and his wife Jolanda.